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What is it about

Employee Relations Online is your virtual Employee Relations Adviser. Business owners, managers and specialist HRM practitioners’ access expert advice when they need it tailored to their industry and their business. Advice on all aspects of employee management. Available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

What does it provide

Advice, knowledge, support and representation to enable Australian employers to manage their responsibilities under Australian employment law.

Fact sheets, modern award wages, guides, calculators, templates and model employment policies. E-mail updates informing of the latest news and additions to our extensive library of resources.  Confidential and expert advice online and via our 1300 Priority Help Desk.

Who should subscribe

Any Australian business that employs people. When you subscribe to employee relations online you receive advice on remuneration relevant to your industry, modern award information relevant to your industry, tools and guides relevant to your industry.

See if your industry is listed. If it is subscribe online. If not, ask your industry association why not?

Employee relations online advice

Expert advice just a phone call away

Expert advice on any aspect of employee relations management is a mouse click or a phone call away – you choose. The Priority 1300 Help Line allows the user to gain immediate access to expert and considered advice. You get to know and trust the person that to which you are speaking. If they are not immediately available they will call you. If you prefer the email / online chat room then that is available when you need it with a response time that is the best in Australia.

Industry updates and tailored advice

Every wage sheet, calculator, guide, checklist, template and model policy is tailored to your industry and available for download and use in your organisation. The resources are continuously updated to ensure their currency and relevance. If there is a new resource that you want published then we will provide it. Whenever a new or updated resource is published you receive a message and a link directly to it.

Easy to use online tools

You don’t need to go searching for transitional wage and leave calculators, templates and model policies as we provide them for you.  If you need additional tools to make your job of managing staff easier then we will design and publish the tools that you need.

Long service leave calculator

Transitional wages, allowances and penalty rates are not easy to calculate. We try to make it easy using a simple online calculator. Calculating long service is also made easy with our online calculator. Wherever the person is employed in Australia, the LSL Calculator enables the busy employer to simply insert the information on staff length of service and rate of pay to obtain an accurate result.

Templates and checklists

An ever increasing suite of model policies and forms covering every aspect of the employment relationship including: equity and access, appointment, inductions, preventing bullying and harassment, social media, behavioural standards, drug and alcohol use, annual leave, personal leave, parental leave, health and safety, learning and development, termination of employment, consultation and more

Model policies and forms

Templates, guides and checklists covering: recruitment and appointment, the induction process, employment contracts, performance review, performance counselling, warnings, and dismissal, notice of redundancy, health and safety risk assessments, individual flexibility, exit interviews, determining fitness for work and more.

Up to date and relevant information

Information relevant states

Although employee relations is increasingly a national system of regulation, we recognise that State based differences must be reflected in the information and advice provided to our subscribers. Employee Relations Online covers the news from every Australian State and Territory and makes sure you receive the information relevant to your place of work.

Industry news and updates content

We regularly review and update our content (guides, templates, model policies etc) in line with regulatory changes and improvements in human resource management practices. You receive a message in your inbox linking you directly to the updated resources with instructions on how to use them. Relevant critical analysis and honest advice accompanies every piece of information and industry specific news. We don’t just pass on the media release.

Employment guides and resources

The Employee Relations Online Library of guides, fact sheets and an array of literature covering topics such as the NES, unfair dismissals, tax and superannuation, transfer of business and more.

Easy to use guides

Managing staff is not easy. Complex rules and procedures often regulate the manner in which the employment relationship must be conducted. Formulating an employment contract, enterprise bargaining, warnings and dismissal, introduction of change to work practices and organisation, risk assessments, individual flexibility arrangements and access to leave. Our guides provide plain English commentary and guidance to enable employers to complete the task.

Fact Sheets

Sometimes all an employer needs is information in simple plain English to enable them to understand their rights and obligations under the Fair Work Act and other employment regulations. Employee Relations Online fact sheets provide easily understandable explanations on every aspect of Australian employment regulation and good management practice.

Industry surveys and reports

The Benchmarking toolbox provides a valuable library of articles, reports, surveys and data that may be drawn upon to measure and compare your own organisations HR performance. Salary surveys, staff turnover, performance management modelling, expenditure benchmarks, work/life balance initiatives, flexible work practices, reward systems, presentations on a range of topics. We are always adding more to the toolbox.

Industry news, email updates & online forum

News and resource updates delivered to your inbox

Whenever there is news that affects how we manage the employment relationship you are notified as soon as it becomes available. Critical analysis and honest advice accompanies the news. We don’t just pass on the media release.

Whenever we update our content (guides, templates, model policies etc) you receive a message in your inbox linking you directly to the updated resources.

Employee Relations Online Forum

The Employee Relations Online Forum enables our members to exchange their own ideas and experience with other members. The forum provides an opportunity to meet and learn from other practitioners in the industry. The forum is moderated by us and is exclusive to Employee Relations Online members. No advertising. Only good discussion conducted in a confidential manner amongst peers.


"Employee Relations Online provides invaluable assistance and service to our organisation. As a small not for profit employment services and training organisation, we value the professional, timely and sound advice we receive from Paul and his team on all industrial/employee relation matters."

Louise Williams
MADEC Australia
Human Resources Manager

“Paul Maguire takes the time to understand our organisation, is able to explain complex issues in straightforward terms, and works with us to implement sound strategies to manage our people and culture.”

Jenny Crossey
Castle Personnel Services
Human Resources Manager

"VERTO finds access to Employee Relations Online invaluable. Particularly helpful are the online templates and access to timely HR advice."

Ron Maxwell
VERTO Bathurst NSW

"Paul Maguire and Employee Relations Online provide quality advice, support and representation to us in fulfilling our obligations under Australian workplace laws.  The advice is always relevant as his team understands our business"

David Cotter
Sims Supermarkets
Managing Director

Employee Relations Online for Small Business

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Designed by the author of HR for Small Business for Dummies specifically for businesses that employ fewer than 20 employees, Employee Relations Online for Small Business is your online human resources adviser. Covering every topic relevant to employing and managing staff in a small business, subscribers gain access to a suite of fact sheets, guides, tools and templates to download and use in your small business covering topics such as: Recruitment, Awards and Pay, the NES, Leave and Holiday, Equal Employment Opportunity, Staff Performance, Superannuation, Health and Safety, Termination, Change and Redundancy. Receive regular e-mail updates and automatically join the Employee Relations Online Forum.

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